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Friday, June 04, 2004


so yesterday was my day off...i spent it cleaning my kitchen and sending various ridiculous emails back and forth with my work homies. now it has been suggested that elon and i are losers simply because we check our work email from home. i would like to say these things in our defense.

1. i spend my first day off (if i'm lucky it is thursday...usually i end up working a full ten hour day on thursday {my day off...but my work is crazy-they love to waste their money and our time} and my first day off ends up being friday) decompressing cos work takes a lot out of me and i never get enough sleep. also, i don't know anyone else with fridays off. so i spend the day hanging out in my underwear cleaning my house (its so neglected during the week it's kind of a hell hole by friday), watching tivo and checking my regular email (cos they cut off our access at work. fuckers.) my dsl connection at home is always on and it is no big deal for me to walk by my desk and press reload and quickly check my work email throughout the day.

2. our department is split into two teams...a sun-wed team and a wed-sat team. theoretically the only overlap day is wed so we communicate mostly through email. elon and i are working on the same projects and we are on separate teams so we do a lot of emailing back and forth to keep each other updated.

3. i get like 30 work emails a day. in theory three whole days could go by with me not at work and emails building up. i hate that shit. i would prefer to read and respond to emails right away rather than when they are probably irrelevant. in addition it fucking pisses me off when someone doesn't read their email right away and gets back to me a week later so i wouldn't ever do that shit to someone else.

4. people in other departments are constantly forgetting that i do not work on thursdays and fridays and will send me emails on those days expecting immediate responses

ok, so maybe i am a loser. what the fuck ever


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