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Friday, October 29, 2004

write em boyo

pete has been bugging me to update this thing and since i aim to please, here goes:

basically nothing new has happened since last i wrote. i'm still "working." i still get a paycheck twice a month so no complaints here. this week rob and i tore apart all the bioreactors, cleaned all the parts and replaced all the o-rings and gaskets. my big goal today is to organize the centrifuge room (room of junk and supplies piled onto shelves and a solitary million dollar centrifuge that has never ever been used) and create an inventory of all our supplies. we'll see how far i get with that one. i've tried starting multiple times this week but the mess is just so damn scary...and this is coming from someone who fucking loves to organize shit. the first week i was here i reorganized all the glassware in the wash room by type and size just because it looked to haphazard to me and i was was the friday before labor day weekend and every one else had taken off but i was too much of a pussy to cut out my first week back on the job.

on a more exciting note, it is halloween weekend! hooray! i love halloween! i haven't gotten that into it this year, unfortunetely. i didn't plan any get togethers so i never bothered to decorate my house or carve any pumpkins. and now i don't know if i have any time as i have a party to go to tonight in menlo park and i still need to buy some more stuff for my costume as well as get the stupid costume on. my brilliant idea was to be a mummy for halloween.

"oh, i'll just buy some gauze and wrap myself in it. it will be awesome."
little did i know that these things might actually be issues:
1. it takes a shit load of gauze (oh, well, gauze is cheap-fuck it)
2. it is really dificult to wrap my head and shoulders and crotch area (if it came too easy, it wouldn't be worth all the time that it took, right?)
3. it is impossible to go to the bathroom once i'm wrapped (guess i'll just have to go before and this really gonna work? who knows. who cares? i guess i'll find out tonight)
4. this is the most unflattering costume ever! i will be the only girl who goes the exact opposite route of halloween costumes! instead of getting a sexy costume that will flatter me and be an excuse to dress like a slut i will be outfitted in a costume that completely obscures my hair and face and somehow manages to hug and accentuate my love handles while simultaneously flattening my boobs. killer. (bring on the alcohol! oh wait, the bathroom issue. damn.)

Monday, October 18, 2004

aw, the weekend is over

i'm back at work trying to relax and surf the internet but the damn hplc repairman keeps bugging me for stuff. it is not my fault that other people are not organized and no one knows where the damn software is. i already looked in every single drawer and folder in the office, our lab and the QC lab (they have the same machine and same absence of software...go figure). i grabbed the facilities guy who let me into the IT office and server room where i poked around with no luck. then i had to break the news to repair guy who seemed really pissed at me (like i even care if the hplc pm gets done...he should be happy we are giving him work...i would like some work!) and quite put off that he would have to drive back to san mateo to get it. now i have to sit here and wait for him to get back to let him in. i had these plans to organize and clean the lab today but i really don't want to be in there with mr. personality...also it is monday and i am lazy. and hungry. really fucking hungry.

so this weekend was pretty cool. friday night i went to a bar b que at my friend becky's house and she had made these really good vegan ice cream sandwiches. i engaged in various girl talks with my female friends and we looked at copper spoons that becky's students made. then i learned a new thing. it is that weddings have theme colors. and both my engaged female friends have already picked out their wedding colors. apparently, you get two colors, like school spirit colors, i guess. who knew?

then saturday, keeping with the vegan ice cream theme i convinced my boyfriend that it would be a good idea to go buy vegan ice cream shakes for lunch. i'm honestly surprised he went along with the idea since he is sort of a blossoming health nut always making sure we are eating well balanced meals and constantly deploring the ingestion of such evils as high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils. but i guess since the shakes prolly had neither of those (or any beneficial vitamins and nutrients for that matter) he was cool with it. score! i totally scarfed my smore shake (chocolate ice cream, peanut butter, marshmallow and chocolate sauce) . fuck yeah!

also, pete and i spent something like 5 hours shopping downtown and i learned another new thing. no, not that you should never drive downtown on a weekend, i already knew that...i just sort of forgot. i learned that men buy their suits undone. like, the pants have a raw hem and must be tailored before wearing. they do not sell "ready to wear" pants! so my idea to buy pete a suit the day before he needs to wear it, is like, the worse idea ever. we save the suit buying for another day. also, hotel strike is still going on. strikers looked tired and beat down. hang in there, buddies.

saturday night we went to gyro's fear factory at pier 17 and totally got chased around a psychedelic scare house by psychotic clowns. then we walked around the pirate's tomb where i was stunned to find out that pirates actually smoke helluv weed while drawing up their pirate treasure maps. go figure. oh, and then we went and saw team america world police which is exactly how i thought it would be...really funny and totally ridiculous.

sunday was my coworker's wedding. she looked real purty and happy and her and her husband looked really cute together. i also think that they like sat down for maybe ten seconds the whole night. when we arrived at the reception, they were standing near the entrance getting their photograph taken. then they proceeded to stand their and get photographed with every single person that walked in! they stood their for like two hours! during the banquet the bride had two costume changes and at one point the entire wedding party walked over to each and every table, said a few words and had a group toast. i didn't realize one had to work so hard at one's own wedding. if i ever get married i plan on getting a little tipsy and walking around hugging and talking to everyone but there is no way i am standing in an awkward pose for two hours getting fancy pictures taken. no way would i ever have the patience for that.

oh, fyi, her wedding colors were pink and white. and i didn't catch the bouquet.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

i'm not down

so i just looked at my boyfriend's blog (also not written in for the past 4 months) and damnit if we don't have the same template and style of writing (full sentences with periods but no capitilization ever). ugg. i'm hopelessly unoriginal. now i have to spend time tweaking mine so it looks different.

so, i'm at work...trying to keep busy. i got hungry at 11:30 and ate my leftovers at my desk and now i'm obsessively watching a stopclock, waiting for the moment i get to go into the lab and switch solutions and get to feel like i actually did something today. besides reading television without pity so that i could find out what other television dorks thought about what was going to happen on Lost, the Apprentice, Desperate Housewives and life as we know it. i's so paralyzing being here. thats the only way i know how to describe it. i know i need to refocus, i know i need to figure some shit out. i just can't. or don't want to. i don't know. let me give you some history:

2 years ago i was happily working at a little biotech company by the airport. i got to travel and i enjoyed working in the lab growing bacteria. but then, company not doing so well, rounds of layoffs...survived the first one but the second one took out more than half the company, myself included.
so then i started working at a slightly bigger biotech past the airport and across the bay. i enjoyed working in the bigger and fancier labs growing prostate cells. but i did not enjoy working 50+ hours a week nor the 45min and a bridge commute twice a day.
so when little biotech called and said they were recovering and did i want to come back for exciting new projects, travel to exotic countries and a raise in salary and a shorter commute, i said yes.
so now i am back at little biotech which was a little weird for me. i really missed my old buddies at slightly bigger biotech and my work load was almost diminished by too much (i need to keep busy!). i did however, enjoy the shorter commute and more time spent at home. but when i made the decision to come back here i knew there was a risk. the exciting new projects and exotic travel were contingent on some specific data results that did not turn out the way we expected/hoped. so 1 month after my arrival, the reason i was hired is no longer applicable. my bacterial growing skills are no longer needed. so, in short, i did not get laid off again but the prospect of projects, travel and workload have all dried up.
our group has no direction and i am caught between riding this out and figuring out another role for myself that is helpful for the company or jumping ship and finding another place that i can happily grow some sort of cells. in the meantime, who knows?

Monday, October 11, 2004

i am so consistent

it fucking rules that the last time i wrote in this was the day after i signed up for it and that was 4 months ago. i have an awful habit of being excited about something for awhile, then quickly losing interest. my game boy, various computer games i am too embarrassed to mention here, and game cube were all bought after much anticipation and eagerness and played constantly the month i recieved them and haven't been touched since. it's a good thing i never shelled out the big bucks for the ipod cos you know that would be sitting in some fucking desk drawer right now. the only toy i've had a long term relationship with is my tivo which i truly love with all my heart, but that is most likely because it directly enhances my commitment to my longtime true love, television.

but i digress. i will save my ode to tv and modern entertainment for another blog. this one is dedicated to blogging. lately i've been reading other people's journals (case in point my friend phil's. read it. it rules because phil rules. i miss you phil!) and i'm helluv jealous of their inate ability to entertain me with their daily lives. so once again feel i am missing out on something fun and exciting and i too want to participate. so there. i'm back. oh yeah, im also really bored at work. more on that later.