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Monday, October 18, 2004

aw, the weekend is over

i'm back at work trying to relax and surf the internet but the damn hplc repairman keeps bugging me for stuff. it is not my fault that other people are not organized and no one knows where the damn software is. i already looked in every single drawer and folder in the office, our lab and the QC lab (they have the same machine and same absence of software...go figure). i grabbed the facilities guy who let me into the IT office and server room where i poked around with no luck. then i had to break the news to repair guy who seemed really pissed at me (like i even care if the hplc pm gets done...he should be happy we are giving him work...i would like some work!) and quite put off that he would have to drive back to san mateo to get it. now i have to sit here and wait for him to get back to let him in. i had these plans to organize and clean the lab today but i really don't want to be in there with mr. personality...also it is monday and i am lazy. and hungry. really fucking hungry.

so this weekend was pretty cool. friday night i went to a bar b que at my friend becky's house and she had made these really good vegan ice cream sandwiches. i engaged in various girl talks with my female friends and we looked at copper spoons that becky's students made. then i learned a new thing. it is that weddings have theme colors. and both my engaged female friends have already picked out their wedding colors. apparently, you get two colors, like school spirit colors, i guess. who knew?

then saturday, keeping with the vegan ice cream theme i convinced my boyfriend that it would be a good idea to go buy vegan ice cream shakes for lunch. i'm honestly surprised he went along with the idea since he is sort of a blossoming health nut always making sure we are eating well balanced meals and constantly deploring the ingestion of such evils as high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils. but i guess since the shakes prolly had neither of those (or any beneficial vitamins and nutrients for that matter) he was cool with it. score! i totally scarfed my smore shake (chocolate ice cream, peanut butter, marshmallow and chocolate sauce) . fuck yeah!

also, pete and i spent something like 5 hours shopping downtown and i learned another new thing. no, not that you should never drive downtown on a weekend, i already knew that...i just sort of forgot. i learned that men buy their suits undone. like, the pants have a raw hem and must be tailored before wearing. they do not sell "ready to wear" pants! so my idea to buy pete a suit the day before he needs to wear it, is like, the worse idea ever. we save the suit buying for another day. also, hotel strike is still going on. strikers looked tired and beat down. hang in there, buddies.

saturday night we went to gyro's fear factory at pier 17 and totally got chased around a psychedelic scare house by psychotic clowns. then we walked around the pirate's tomb where i was stunned to find out that pirates actually smoke helluv weed while drawing up their pirate treasure maps. go figure. oh, and then we went and saw team america world police which is exactly how i thought it would be...really funny and totally ridiculous.

sunday was my coworker's wedding. she looked real purty and happy and her and her husband looked really cute together. i also think that they like sat down for maybe ten seconds the whole night. when we arrived at the reception, they were standing near the entrance getting their photograph taken. then they proceeded to stand their and get photographed with every single person that walked in! they stood their for like two hours! during the banquet the bride had two costume changes and at one point the entire wedding party walked over to each and every table, said a few words and had a group toast. i didn't realize one had to work so hard at one's own wedding. if i ever get married i plan on getting a little tipsy and walking around hugging and talking to everyone but there is no way i am standing in an awkward pose for two hours getting fancy pictures taken. no way would i ever have the patience for that.

oh, fyi, her wedding colors were pink and white. and i didn't catch the bouquet.


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