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Monday, October 11, 2004

i am so consistent

it fucking rules that the last time i wrote in this was the day after i signed up for it and that was 4 months ago. i have an awful habit of being excited about something for awhile, then quickly losing interest. my game boy, various computer games i am too embarrassed to mention here, and game cube were all bought after much anticipation and eagerness and played constantly the month i recieved them and haven't been touched since. it's a good thing i never shelled out the big bucks for the ipod cos you know that would be sitting in some fucking desk drawer right now. the only toy i've had a long term relationship with is my tivo which i truly love with all my heart, but that is most likely because it directly enhances my commitment to my longtime true love, television.

but i digress. i will save my ode to tv and modern entertainment for another blog. this one is dedicated to blogging. lately i've been reading other people's journals (case in point my friend phil's. read it. it rules because phil rules. i miss you phil!) and i'm helluv jealous of their inate ability to entertain me with their daily lives. so once again feel i am missing out on something fun and exciting and i too want to participate. so there. i'm back. oh yeah, im also really bored at work. more on that later.


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