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Friday, October 29, 2004

write em boyo

pete has been bugging me to update this thing and since i aim to please, here goes:

basically nothing new has happened since last i wrote. i'm still "working." i still get a paycheck twice a month so no complaints here. this week rob and i tore apart all the bioreactors, cleaned all the parts and replaced all the o-rings and gaskets. my big goal today is to organize the centrifuge room (room of junk and supplies piled onto shelves and a solitary million dollar centrifuge that has never ever been used) and create an inventory of all our supplies. we'll see how far i get with that one. i've tried starting multiple times this week but the mess is just so damn scary...and this is coming from someone who fucking loves to organize shit. the first week i was here i reorganized all the glassware in the wash room by type and size just because it looked to haphazard to me and i was was the friday before labor day weekend and every one else had taken off but i was too much of a pussy to cut out my first week back on the job.

on a more exciting note, it is halloween weekend! hooray! i love halloween! i haven't gotten that into it this year, unfortunetely. i didn't plan any get togethers so i never bothered to decorate my house or carve any pumpkins. and now i don't know if i have any time as i have a party to go to tonight in menlo park and i still need to buy some more stuff for my costume as well as get the stupid costume on. my brilliant idea was to be a mummy for halloween.

"oh, i'll just buy some gauze and wrap myself in it. it will be awesome."
little did i know that these things might actually be issues:
1. it takes a shit load of gauze (oh, well, gauze is cheap-fuck it)
2. it is really dificult to wrap my head and shoulders and crotch area (if it came too easy, it wouldn't be worth all the time that it took, right?)
3. it is impossible to go to the bathroom once i'm wrapped (guess i'll just have to go before and this really gonna work? who knows. who cares? i guess i'll find out tonight)
4. this is the most unflattering costume ever! i will be the only girl who goes the exact opposite route of halloween costumes! instead of getting a sexy costume that will flatter me and be an excuse to dress like a slut i will be outfitted in a costume that completely obscures my hair and face and somehow manages to hug and accentuate my love handles while simultaneously flattening my boobs. killer. (bring on the alcohol! oh wait, the bathroom issue. damn.)


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