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Friday, November 19, 2004

land ahoy!

first mate has directed this group of sailors to explore the small deserted island up ahead. though the ship is headed for an entirely different continent, there may be supplies available to help us through the voyage. hopefully, this motley crew can get it together and come december have a colony or trading post set up. otherwise, it may be walking the plank for us.

so i get home wednesday evening to see this truck parked outside with a gigantic stadium light attached to it. looking for parking i notice another truck idiling and an rv parked nearby. at first i think that maybe my neighbors got to be on monster house or something (jealous!), but then i see that duboce is closed and there are various people with walkie talkies and a bored cop milling about. a neighbor walking his dog passes by and says to another woman "hey, let's go see if we can see reese witherspoon". ha ha, a movie! which is funny because pete and i rented sid and nancy the night before and noticed that there was a scene in which sid is riding in a cab and they drive up duboce and round the corner where the light truck is parked. funny.

so i go inside my apartment and notice there is another gigantic stadium light further down duboce that is shining into my living room. pete comes over with dollar signs in his eyes claiming that if they are there late i should go talk to them in my bathrobe asking for a little monetary compensation for the neighborhood disturbance. i laugh and we head off for dinner.

-oh! one more thing! as i was searching for some sort of reference to the movie being made on sfgate, i learn that mark ruffalo is in it! damn, had i known that, i would have nosed around the set a little bit. he's cute! note, i linked to a fan site cos the pic of him on imdb is not that flattering.-

we didn't end up going to the japanese restaurant in berkeley because i didn't want to cross the bridge during the commute and i was too lazy to take bart. instead we went to minako. it was really good! we ordered too many fried dishes (i have a weakness for fried food! i can't help it!) but it was still all yummy and delicious. the fried eggplant with miso dressing, tempura veggie roll and spicy vegan unagi roll were definite stand outs.

the guy at the table behind us had this awesome toy! everyone was ooh-ing and aaw-ing over it. it looked pretty sweet. with the farm animals. expect pictures!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

outlook not so good

i may have to jump ship, choppy waters ahead and the captain keeps changing directions. sailor morale is down, ship duties are being neglected...i may have to break into the grog and rum stores to ride this storm out, or maybe a passing ship will throw me a life line. we will see. dec 2.

on a happy note...found this cool blog. makes me hungry. good to see there are people out there making sure the world doesn't think we survive on brown rice and salad alone. this guy is way more mature than me...usually i just roll my eyes and sigh.

oh! speaking of food, i'm gonna take pete to this place! yum, i can't wait!

Friday, November 12, 2004

shit, that's me!

i just came back from the lab and i was sending an email to someone in qc when i was like, "ew, what is that awful smell, w-t-f." then i realized the offensive oder was coming from my very own hands. i was horrified. i guess it wasn't such a great idea to put on those sterile gloves that expired in like 1985. my bad.

then as i was scrubing the foul smell from my hands in the bathroom i was reminded of the time in college i went to take my o-chem final and blamed this stanky stale weed smell on the two dreadlocked, patched jeans, hemp necklace wearing santa cruz hippies two rows ahead of me. then i realized the smell was not coming from them but from my open o-chem book as i remembered the incident a week before of my roomate spilling his bong water all over my open book. i felt ashamed and embarrased and quickly closed the book. then i looked around and realized i didn't recognize anyone from my class. then the tests were passed out and when i recieved mine and it wasn't an o-chem test i realized that i had arrived on the wrong date and had to awkwardly hand the test back and slip out of the room.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

wing is a rockstar!

rock out
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tuesday night i went to go see wing make her debut as a singer in a band at the chinese rock showcase at studio z. we arrived to the sounds of cantonese crooning by the opening band and to see wing fluttering around nervously. ha ha wing, flutter. elon handed me a whiskey sour after i told him i would not be drinking that evening. i'm not sure if he was really listening or not. i drank half of it and gave it to pete when elon wasn't looking. there was much encouraging and best wishes given to wing as her band began to set up and her fans moved closer to the stage. and while the opening band was not really my style i knew wing's band was gonna rock when during souncheck the bassist engaged in various rockstar poses and facial expressions. intensly. everyone was really stoked to see her up there and while we have all heard her voice before at karaoke, when she opened her mouth to sing we were still blown away be how pretty she sounded.

the next band was a chinese hardcore band and they were pretty ruling too but by that time i was halfway deaf and totally tired so we left halfway through the set. i'm old.

Monday, November 08, 2004

about last week...

A. phil said it better than me. i only wish i had a better way with is so hard for me to express what i think and feel. the only thing i am good at is cursing. pete claims i write like a sailor. that is only a few degrees away from a pirate though so i will take it as a compliment.

B. speaking of other people's blogs, queen of the sky rules. i have been reading her blog lately and it is weird that she just got fired for bullshit beauracratic reasons as the same thing just happened to my best friend (not the exact same thing...just that she also got fired for bullshit, not because she was a sucky worker or some legitimate reason like that). however, and no offense kana, it would have been way sweeter if kana had been fired for posting some sweet pics on the internet instead.

which makes me think, maybe i should post the sweet pics wing and i took at slightly bigger biotech last year? well, on second thought, i may actually need to get a job there someday so better hold off. i am a pussy.

C. i forgot to mention that election day was also my birthday. i managed to get away with celebrating it for an entire week (which ruled!) and i must say this has been one of the best birthdays i have had in awhile. even though i am old.

D. former coworkers from slighter larger biotech took dan and i out for drinks for our birthdays (his was 10/29) friday night. got to test out new ipod (birthday gift from pete) on muni ride over. heard all the latest gossip, drank many "sweet tarts" which were the special of the evening, tricked paul into driving me to get a burritto ( worse burrito ever!) and driving me home.

E. i never did get around to carving my pumpkin. one day it was gone and i assumed pete threw it out. then sat morning i get back to my house and i smell something funky. turned out pete didn't throw it out but had put it on the floor next to the dining table when he was setting up my computer. it was totally rotten and disgusting and left a large ring of mold and wet on the rug soaked through to the floor. i have gone through various cycles of scrubbing the carpet and drying with a fan pointing at it and i think i have finally got the mold and smell out. what a disaster! next year i am all about the fun-kin!

F. saw built to spill saturday night in berkeley. they were good i guess but the whole situation was weird for a variety of reasons.

1. i loved loved loved built to spill in college...and i still really love the albums i listened to back then. but i graduated college 5 years ago and prolly would have enjoyed seeing them more 5 years ago. though the songs saturday night were good...i did not know any of them, and that is sad.

2. the show was at a brewery. it was a benefit for the snow search and rescue, so that was cool, but it was still kind of weird hanging out in the brewery parking lot where they were giving away free samples of beer, selling more beer, had guys dressed as beer, and had people racing around in these weird keg go-kart things. it kind of gave the place a strange adult warped tour/aging fraternity vibe. oh, and there was at least one fight. and at least one full pint of beer chucked onstage. which is the rudest thing i can think of anyone doing. unless they spit in it first.

3. the brewery is directly across the street from 924 gilman, the punk club of our youth. if ever there was a time to feel as if one had "sold out" it was then. there we were, dissing the all ages, no alcohol allowed, cooperatively run independant music club for the 21+, beer centric, corporate festival. pete even remarked that he should go stand on the other side of the fence and throw bottles at himself on the brewery side. well, at least it was for a good cause.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


apparently america's ideals are such that "high moral values" mean making sure that gay couples are not allowed to marry yet not giving a shit about war, deception and people dying. my heart hurts.

Monday, November 01, 2004

spooky sushi!


my parent's took me out to dinner for an early birthday treat. we went to moki's on cortland and it was super good, as usual. the waitstaff were dressed as hooters zombies and all the neighborhood kids were trick-or-treating the businesses. dessert was at maggie mudd, also super good, as usual.

all hallow's eve

mummy head
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i woke up with the worst hangover ever! i don't really remember being totally wasted the night before. i remember being dizzy and uncomfortable but blaming most of that on my costume...which took like twenty minutes to take off before i could pass out. the head i had already unravelled before i left lyra's house. i still think the mummy outfit was a great idea. it looked cool and i was proud of myself. but it was sort of too intense to repeat so, ok, i took pictures in it, great. i will not reprise the outfit again.

pete and i went to brunch at herbivore and then walked back to my house and watched some scary movies on tv before he left to go buy my birthday present! :) hee hee hee!

kana informed me that she would be heading to anna's pumpkin carving party at three (this i interpreted coming from kana to mean 3:45) . after calling for a ride i proceeded to get dressed to go out at about 3:30 and settled in to play some yahoo games while i waited. (i've been really into bounce out and jewel quest lately, fyi). sometime after four we headed to rohnert park with my pumpkin. kana carved an awesome "vulture on tombstone" pumpkin and joe drew and carved a rad crow on his little pumpkin. i was distracted by texas chainsaw masacre and dawn of the dead as well as too busy eating trader joe's soy chorizo taquitos to actually carve my pumpkin. i managed to gut it and draw a lame jack-o-lantern face before we left. it is still sitting on my dining room table waiting for me to carve it.

we got back into town late and then i had to spend the next hour convincing my boyfriend that we had to go to victor's party in santa cruz. pete hates santa cruz. pete doesn't really like parties. pete doesn't really like driving far at night. yet somehow, most likely because i had been looking forward to going for weeks (halloween being my favorite holiday and all) and because it was my birthday weekend, pete made the ultimate scrifice and around 11:45 that evening (after i put on some zombie face makeup, fake blood and scrubs) we were on our way to santa cruz.

the costume theme for the night, at least for most of the girls there in costume was "boobs". boobs were pushed up and totally in our faces the whole night. i guess if i were a guy, it would have been totally cool. as i girl, it was distracting and funny and i kept saying "boobs" all night.

i'm dead! i'm dead!

mummy woooooo!
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rob and i left at lunchtime to go buy him a bandit mask and get me some more gauze for the mummy costume. we went to seramonte..and visited target, the halloween store, hot topic and spencers with no luck on his mask. finally we went to party city where it was fucking crazy and i found the last mask under a pile of bullshit in the corner. we waited in line for like a half hour and showed up to our company lunch party 45 minutes late where we proceded to choke down the absolute worst food i have ever eaten! and discovered that we narrowly avoided hearing the admin and director of finance serenade everyone with their rendition of "i got you babe". i must also mention here that she was dressed in what appeared to me as "elton john and cher's middle aged love child" and he was dressed as "pimp daddy". took off work helluv early (my boss left to go to a costume parade for his son) and rushed home to begin staining my mummy rags.

by five o'clock my house was filled with the smell of honey vanilla tea and strips of gauze hanging in the doorways. considering i don't have a dryer...i took a risk wetting my costume components so soon to wearing them. by 9 o'clock, i was desperately blowdrying the remaining strips while trying to put the dry ones on. it took pete's help and an hour's work but i think it looked pretty tight once i was done. unfortunetely, wetting the gauze got rid of most of the elasticity and by the time we got to the party, i was already starting to unravel at the legs. so what does a good mummy do when her rags start unfurling? she drinks! and drink i did! by the time we were ready to leave i was wasted and partially unraveled. lucky for me i wore long underwear under my costume and was in no danger of becoming indecent. unlucky for me the costume was then, therefore, stifilingly hot and uncomfortable. at least i sweat so much i didn't need to pee which is something i was briefly worried about.