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Monday, November 08, 2004

about last week...

A. phil said it better than me. i only wish i had a better way with is so hard for me to express what i think and feel. the only thing i am good at is cursing. pete claims i write like a sailor. that is only a few degrees away from a pirate though so i will take it as a compliment.

B. speaking of other people's blogs, queen of the sky rules. i have been reading her blog lately and it is weird that she just got fired for bullshit beauracratic reasons as the same thing just happened to my best friend (not the exact same thing...just that she also got fired for bullshit, not because she was a sucky worker or some legitimate reason like that). however, and no offense kana, it would have been way sweeter if kana had been fired for posting some sweet pics on the internet instead.

which makes me think, maybe i should post the sweet pics wing and i took at slightly bigger biotech last year? well, on second thought, i may actually need to get a job there someday so better hold off. i am a pussy.

C. i forgot to mention that election day was also my birthday. i managed to get away with celebrating it for an entire week (which ruled!) and i must say this has been one of the best birthdays i have had in awhile. even though i am old.

D. former coworkers from slighter larger biotech took dan and i out for drinks for our birthdays (his was 10/29) friday night. got to test out new ipod (birthday gift from pete) on muni ride over. heard all the latest gossip, drank many "sweet tarts" which were the special of the evening, tricked paul into driving me to get a burritto ( worse burrito ever!) and driving me home.

E. i never did get around to carving my pumpkin. one day it was gone and i assumed pete threw it out. then sat morning i get back to my house and i smell something funky. turned out pete didn't throw it out but had put it on the floor next to the dining table when he was setting up my computer. it was totally rotten and disgusting and left a large ring of mold and wet on the rug soaked through to the floor. i have gone through various cycles of scrubbing the carpet and drying with a fan pointing at it and i think i have finally got the mold and smell out. what a disaster! next year i am all about the fun-kin!

F. saw built to spill saturday night in berkeley. they were good i guess but the whole situation was weird for a variety of reasons.

1. i loved loved loved built to spill in college...and i still really love the albums i listened to back then. but i graduated college 5 years ago and prolly would have enjoyed seeing them more 5 years ago. though the songs saturday night were good...i did not know any of them, and that is sad.

2. the show was at a brewery. it was a benefit for the snow search and rescue, so that was cool, but it was still kind of weird hanging out in the brewery parking lot where they were giving away free samples of beer, selling more beer, had guys dressed as beer, and had people racing around in these weird keg go-kart things. it kind of gave the place a strange adult warped tour/aging fraternity vibe. oh, and there was at least one fight. and at least one full pint of beer chucked onstage. which is the rudest thing i can think of anyone doing. unless they spit in it first.

3. the brewery is directly across the street from 924 gilman, the punk club of our youth. if ever there was a time to feel as if one had "sold out" it was then. there we were, dissing the all ages, no alcohol allowed, cooperatively run independant music club for the 21+, beer centric, corporate festival. pete even remarked that he should go stand on the other side of the fence and throw bottles at himself on the brewery side. well, at least it was for a good cause.


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