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Monday, November 01, 2004

all hallow's eve

mummy head
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i woke up with the worst hangover ever! i don't really remember being totally wasted the night before. i remember being dizzy and uncomfortable but blaming most of that on my costume...which took like twenty minutes to take off before i could pass out. the head i had already unravelled before i left lyra's house. i still think the mummy outfit was a great idea. it looked cool and i was proud of myself. but it was sort of too intense to repeat so, ok, i took pictures in it, great. i will not reprise the outfit again.

pete and i went to brunch at herbivore and then walked back to my house and watched some scary movies on tv before he left to go buy my birthday present! :) hee hee hee!

kana informed me that she would be heading to anna's pumpkin carving party at three (this i interpreted coming from kana to mean 3:45) . after calling for a ride i proceeded to get dressed to go out at about 3:30 and settled in to play some yahoo games while i waited. (i've been really into bounce out and jewel quest lately, fyi). sometime after four we headed to rohnert park with my pumpkin. kana carved an awesome "vulture on tombstone" pumpkin and joe drew and carved a rad crow on his little pumpkin. i was distracted by texas chainsaw masacre and dawn of the dead as well as too busy eating trader joe's soy chorizo taquitos to actually carve my pumpkin. i managed to gut it and draw a lame jack-o-lantern face before we left. it is still sitting on my dining room table waiting for me to carve it.

we got back into town late and then i had to spend the next hour convincing my boyfriend that we had to go to victor's party in santa cruz. pete hates santa cruz. pete doesn't really like parties. pete doesn't really like driving far at night. yet somehow, most likely because i had been looking forward to going for weeks (halloween being my favorite holiday and all) and because it was my birthday weekend, pete made the ultimate scrifice and around 11:45 that evening (after i put on some zombie face makeup, fake blood and scrubs) we were on our way to santa cruz.

the costume theme for the night, at least for most of the girls there in costume was "boobs". boobs were pushed up and totally in our faces the whole night. i guess if i were a guy, it would have been totally cool. as i girl, it was distracting and funny and i kept saying "boobs" all night.


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