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Monday, November 01, 2004

i'm dead! i'm dead!

mummy woooooo!
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rob and i left at lunchtime to go buy him a bandit mask and get me some more gauze for the mummy costume. we went to seramonte..and visited target, the halloween store, hot topic and spencers with no luck on his mask. finally we went to party city where it was fucking crazy and i found the last mask under a pile of bullshit in the corner. we waited in line for like a half hour and showed up to our company lunch party 45 minutes late where we proceded to choke down the absolute worst food i have ever eaten! and discovered that we narrowly avoided hearing the admin and director of finance serenade everyone with their rendition of "i got you babe". i must also mention here that she was dressed in what appeared to me as "elton john and cher's middle aged love child" and he was dressed as "pimp daddy". took off work helluv early (my boss left to go to a costume parade for his son) and rushed home to begin staining my mummy rags.

by five o'clock my house was filled with the smell of honey vanilla tea and strips of gauze hanging in the doorways. considering i don't have a dryer...i took a risk wetting my costume components so soon to wearing them. by 9 o'clock, i was desperately blowdrying the remaining strips while trying to put the dry ones on. it took pete's help and an hour's work but i think it looked pretty tight once i was done. unfortunetely, wetting the gauze got rid of most of the elasticity and by the time we got to the party, i was already starting to unravel at the legs. so what does a good mummy do when her rags start unfurling? she drinks! and drink i did! by the time we were ready to leave i was wasted and partially unraveled. lucky for me i wore long underwear under my costume and was in no danger of becoming indecent. unlucky for me the costume was then, therefore, stifilingly hot and uncomfortable. at least i sweat so much i didn't need to pee which is something i was briefly worried about.


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