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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

outlook not so good

i may have to jump ship, choppy waters ahead and the captain keeps changing directions. sailor morale is down, ship duties are being neglected...i may have to break into the grog and rum stores to ride this storm out, or maybe a passing ship will throw me a life line. we will see. dec 2.

on a happy note...found this cool blog. makes me hungry. good to see there are people out there making sure the world doesn't think we survive on brown rice and salad alone. this guy is way more mature than me...usually i just roll my eyes and sigh.

oh! speaking of food, i'm gonna take pete to this place! yum, i can't wait!


Blogger tofu said...

I used to roll my eyes about "the question" -- and still do occasionally ;)

I found it was easier to blog about it instead, and share my passion for tasty (and I hope) interesting vegan food.

thanks for the plug...

6:31 AM


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