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Friday, November 12, 2004

shit, that's me!

i just came back from the lab and i was sending an email to someone in qc when i was like, "ew, what is that awful smell, w-t-f." then i realized the offensive oder was coming from my very own hands. i was horrified. i guess it wasn't such a great idea to put on those sterile gloves that expired in like 1985. my bad.

then as i was scrubing the foul smell from my hands in the bathroom i was reminded of the time in college i went to take my o-chem final and blamed this stanky stale weed smell on the two dreadlocked, patched jeans, hemp necklace wearing santa cruz hippies two rows ahead of me. then i realized the smell was not coming from them but from my open o-chem book as i remembered the incident a week before of my roomate spilling his bong water all over my open book. i felt ashamed and embarrased and quickly closed the book. then i looked around and realized i didn't recognize anyone from my class. then the tests were passed out and when i recieved mine and it wasn't an o-chem test i realized that i had arrived on the wrong date and had to awkwardly hand the test back and slip out of the room.


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