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Thursday, November 11, 2004

wing is a rockstar!

rock out
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tuesday night i went to go see wing make her debut as a singer in a band at the chinese rock showcase at studio z. we arrived to the sounds of cantonese crooning by the opening band and to see wing fluttering around nervously. ha ha wing, flutter. elon handed me a whiskey sour after i told him i would not be drinking that evening. i'm not sure if he was really listening or not. i drank half of it and gave it to pete when elon wasn't looking. there was much encouraging and best wishes given to wing as her band began to set up and her fans moved closer to the stage. and while the opening band was not really my style i knew wing's band was gonna rock when during souncheck the bassist engaged in various rockstar poses and facial expressions. intensly. everyone was really stoked to see her up there and while we have all heard her voice before at karaoke, when she opened her mouth to sing we were still blown away be how pretty she sounded.

the next band was a chinese hardcore band and they were pretty ruling too but by that time i was halfway deaf and totally tired so we left halfway through the set. i'm old.


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