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Friday, December 10, 2004

sound formed in a vacuum may seem a waste of time

it's always been just the same

see i knew this was gonna happen! awhile since i updated. i am so bad.

late november:

1. farm sanctuary was awesome as usual. the animals were cute and friendly and we pet them all. i forgot to change my camera battery so no pictures, unfortunately. :( but i will post my pics from last year...i don't think the animals look that much different and we are bundled up so much who cares if we look different. yes, it was fraking cold again! which, if you know me you know i am a complete and total baby when it comes to cold temperatures. it was also windy and during dinner (served in the people barn on bales of hay) hay was helluv blowing into my food. i was kind of freezing and miserable and dirty by the end, i tried to convince my boyfriend to stop at a truck stop on the way back home so i could shower but it didn't happen. this is how i imagine camping to be. except 1 million times worse.

2. thanksgiving. fun! lavish party at my boyfriend's parent's neighbor/landlord's party barn. (long story). just know that a hayride and lots of good champagne and wine were involved. and also a cute stray kitty. and we stayed in a nice hotel with free wine and chocolates.


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