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Friday, January 28, 2005

here i am here i am here i am

work update: gots a job until at least march. until then it's up to us to find a company to support us after that. does this make any sense to you? me neither. the rest of the company has already written us off to the point that is actually uncomfortable to go up to the front. my coworker bailed which is a bummer but there is nothing to do anyway and it is kind of nice to have the lab to myself which means i finally get to organize it my way!

tv update: i am currently obsessed with new battlestar galactica. obsessed! if you are not currently watching it you better start because it fucking rules! if you watch it and want a buddy to go to the bar with and drink and discuss the show then i am your buddy.... holler at a sci fi nerd.

speaking of bars....i just discovered this tuesday that the phonebooth on van ness has $1.25 pabst and tecate as well as $2.50 well drinks at happy hour. thanks for informing me of this earlier, joe. not.

wednesday i got to see the explosion! and death by stereo and it was rad.

last night was live music at the blue danube. cliff and luke performed. go to luke's website and buy his music or come out to the blue danube and check him out feb 10. you will not be disappointed; he is talented and deserves your support. sorry cliff, i have no website for you. anyone know cliff's website? i just looked for my friendster link to him; either he dropped off friendster or deleted me as a friend. who knows?


Blogger Dave said...

you dig cap'n jazz? sweet. you rule times eleven.

4:58 PM

Blogger pete g said...

cliff's website:

8:51 PM


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