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Friday, March 25, 2005

guess what? i'm still employed

pretty embarrassing considering i've been shooting my mouth off about getting laid off since january. not saying it still can't happen, its just that, well i'm gonna stop talking about it. lu and i had a two martini lunch today at elephant bar..and by two martini i mean mai tais for him and mojitos for me (i refuse to refer to it as a "jungle mojito" as written in the menu.) we needed those. only a three day week for me but i'm already tired of the bullshit. i'm just gonna hide in the lab all day and run gels. thank god its friday.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

ching and mauricio spring break 2005!

mexico wedding
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so...i just got back from mexico tuesday night. it was awesome! the weather was great, the drinks were cheap and plentiful and the relaxing i accomplished was priceless. congrats ching and mauricio and thanks for giving me an excuse to leave the country for awhile!

if you are heading to puerto vallarta i have these recommendations for you:

mexico autumn
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1. banana daiquiris as often as possible (as autumn demonstrates)
2. take a straight edge friend with you who has lots of tattoos...the creeps will spend all their time harassing your heavily inked up friend and ignoring you plus the bartenders will always insist that you have two drinks in your hand to make up for her not drinking.
3. planeta vegetariano...good vegetarian selection - all you can eat and drink for helluv cheap, also good are fajita republic and papaya 3.
4. banana boat...ridiculous but fun
5. any sort of boat tour or adventure. we really wanted to do the canopy tour through the set of predator or the pirate ship cruise but time and money meant we only had time to do a snorkel/waterfall/beach/booze cruise. oh well, maybe next time.

we hiked up this dirty stinky trail

mexico waterfall
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in the heat and all i got was this lousy picture

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

is it march already?

feb update:

feb 1 visited benihana for the first time like ever...note: the vegetarian dish sucks
feb 4 celebrated the births of joe, fritch and adama
feb 6 superbowl= yawn

feb 11-13 reno still rules! 3 days, 2 nights, countless free drinks, 1 fancy dinner and 1 nickel slot jackpot later the verdict is in: reno kicks ass!

feb 18 saw the prids at bottom of the hill. i really liked them. got to the show way too early (thought it started at 9...not 10...whoops!) so jaz and i sat our asses at the bar and proceeded to get nice and wasted. after the show we danced at this goth club at il pirata then when they kicked everyone out (at 1:35?!) we tried to go dancing at rickshaw stop but ended up showing up for the very last song.

feb 20 mothic at rickshaw stop. it was ok.
feb 21 presidents' day. no work. very hungover. ate vegan calzones at lanesplitters.

feb 26/27 ching's bacholorette party. no strippers. :(
just drinking, games, dinner, drinking, dancing, drinking and brunch. we are good girls.