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Thursday, March 24, 2005

if you are heading to puerto vallarta i have these recommendations for you:

mexico autumn
Originally uploaded by tariann.
1. banana daiquiris as often as possible (as autumn demonstrates)
2. take a straight edge friend with you who has lots of tattoos...the creeps will spend all their time harassing your heavily inked up friend and ignoring you plus the bartenders will always insist that you have two drinks in your hand to make up for her not drinking.
3. planeta vegetariano...good vegetarian selection - all you can eat and drink for helluv cheap, also good are fajita republic and papaya 3.
4. banana boat...ridiculous but fun
5. any sort of boat tour or adventure. we really wanted to do the canopy tour through the set of predator or the pirate ship cruise but time and money meant we only had time to do a snorkel/waterfall/beach/booze cruise. oh well, maybe next time.


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