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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

is it march already?

feb update:

feb 1 visited benihana for the first time like ever...note: the vegetarian dish sucks
feb 4 celebrated the births of joe, fritch and adama
feb 6 superbowl= yawn

feb 11-13 reno still rules! 3 days, 2 nights, countless free drinks, 1 fancy dinner and 1 nickel slot jackpot later the verdict is in: reno kicks ass!

feb 18 saw the prids at bottom of the hill. i really liked them. got to the show way too early (thought it started at 9...not 10...whoops!) so jaz and i sat our asses at the bar and proceeded to get nice and wasted. after the show we danced at this goth club at il pirata then when they kicked everyone out (at 1:35?!) we tried to go dancing at rickshaw stop but ended up showing up for the very last song.

feb 20 mothic at rickshaw stop. it was ok.
feb 21 presidents' day. no work. very hungover. ate vegan calzones at lanesplitters.

feb 26/27 ching's bacholorette party. no strippers. :(
just drinking, games, dinner, drinking, dancing, drinking and brunch. we are good girls.


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