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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

i'm going to sleep now

went out for ethiopion food with jasmyn. soooo full right now. tired but staying up to digest. so i did one of those internet quizzes:

brought to you by Quizilla

JOY DIVISION*The owners of the post punk era! You
are sad and depressed as your lyrics show and
obsessed with dying at a young age and never
being forgotten!!!

ok, i did two:

Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are Napoleon Dyanamite and a buttload of gangs
are trying to recruit you.

actually i did the "what kind of punk are you" one too but i got an error. i guess i'm just not punk enough.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

no more depressing posts!

on to something refreshing! check out my friends' bands on myspace...

friday jean marie played their first ever live show at the brainwash! they were awesome! i was totally impressed. they sounded great, packed the joint and had the cutest merch available. totally ruling.

sunday fritch put on an awesome showcase of norcal homegrown talent:
(check out the beautiful flyer below)

cliff sounded especially tight with the help of his buddy miles. i'm not sure if they always play together but they harmonized real well.

i must admit that i missed part of chon's show as i was outside the room scamming fries off of joe and kana, but what i did hear was quite good.

victor sounded good too, but no link for him! instead another link to luke, another norcal talent.

too bad for you if you missed out.

everyone hearts a unicorn

89112_m, originally uploaded by tariann.

the sky was bullfrog green

yesterday when my alarm rang i totally thought it was sunday and turned it off and went back to sleep. i woke up at 9 (i like to be at work between 8-8:30, boss comes in at 9) realizing it was monday and was immediately completely bummed. this morning i also set my cell phone alarm just to be sure i would wake up. that alarm is jarring and horrible, but it did the job and i was the first person here this morning. now i just have to figure out how to waste time until my filters arrive and i can start making buffers for the next run. i haven't been sleeping well lately and last night was no exception. i didn't fall asleep until well after 3 and i had really weird, disturbing dreams that i can't quite remember but involved people i haven't seen or spoken with in years.

i watched live forever this morning while i was getting ready for work and it made me sad and nostalgic for the mid nineties and britpop and being young and starting college and being really into something and excited about music and books and culture and traveling and life. i mean, what am i into now, nothing. boo, i need something to get excited about, i'm totally in a rut. i think i need to look for a new job, something challenging and stimulating that leaves me no time to sit at a computer and look back at how i used to be cooler and smarter and more fun.

Monday, April 25, 2005

i would go out tonight but i haven't got a stitch to wear

incidentally, that was actually my highschool yearbook quote. which is sad, it means i'm totally reverting back to highschool issues. wah, i hate all my clothes, i'm fat, i'm ugly, i'm not going out tonight, my clothes don't fit me right. what the hell? i'm an adult, i shouldn't feel this way. yet, lately i've been having some issues...i'm gonna blame it on feminine hormone stuff mostly and the fact that i've had insomnia for a week now...maybe my not sleeping at night contributes to my craziness during the day? but maybe that is a bit of a cop out. who knows? i just sometimes wish i were a guy because i already know what i think is the perfect outfit for a guy...if i were a dude my daily uniform would be fitted black pants (jeans or dickies), black button up shirt or black t-shirt, black sweatshirt or jacket and converse. if i wanted to dress up i would wear some sort of dapper suit or ben sherman ensemble. i would also rock glasses because glasses are hot on guys. but as a girl, i don't have the perfect outfit picked out yet. in highschool my perfect outfit was white top, black skirt, white ankle socks, black shoes and green army jacket or black pea coat. i college i flirted with a variety of perfect outfits, depending on what sort of phase i was in...i'll not get into those now as most of them were quite embarresing and one involved white creepers which made my feet look like giant white rats. i guess i am between outfits right now, who knows what my future perfect outfit will be? maybe i should admit that i'm an old and start rocking dowdy, ill fitting suits and pumps, or perhaps i should simplify my life and start wearing muumuus or sweats everyday. i'm open to suggestions. thanks.

Friday, April 22, 2005

the storm comes...

or is it just another shower?

it's supposed to rain all weekend which is kind of a bummer because i bought this new picnic blanket at target last weekend and i really wanted to have a picnic and try it out.

yeah, so, i thought i had something interesting to write but...i guess not.

last monday i went to death guild with jaz cos she wanted to wear her new dress out.
the next day i couldn't get out of bed and ended up calling in sick tuesday and wednesday.
by thursday i was so bored i pushed through my illness, took a bunch of meds and went back to work. after work i met up with emel for margeritas and drunk shopping on burlingame ave.
friday after the wedding present at slims on friday, kana and i met up with the guys at edinburgh and stumbled upon a rocking dance party. ha ha, hipsters, you can not hide from me! i will find your dance parties and crash them always! bwahahaha.

this week was long! i guess that's what happens when you only go to work three days the week before. hung out with gem on monday, she writes about our night here (note to batty and abby: i hope you guys are cool with me linking to your blog...don't worry no one reads mine anyway) went to darksparkle on wednesday and really didn't do much else. i did do laundry at my parents' house and my mom even went and bought a burrito for me. she's the best!

tonight phil comes to town! and jean marie have their big debut at brainwash. fun! exciting! party!

also, i found this blog. it rules.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

why don't we try not to break our hearts and make it so hard for ourselves?

so my grandma gave me this giant bowl of her delious leftover pasta to party with- i was helluv looking forward to eating it all week. so i get home, park my car and reach for the pasta. my hand totally slips and the entire bowl of pasta gets dumped all over the passenger seat, the floor, the door, the dashboard, everywhere! not one noodle was spared. it was quite upsetting. not only did i lose some perfectly good pasta, but my car was a fucking mess. i let out a volley of curses and flipped off the mess before i went inside to grab a washcloth. total bummer. sigh.
so that is how my weekend ended.

1 day earlier: saturday was jasmyn's b-day! we all got up early and drove up north to go to the harbin hot springs which was in the middle of butt fuck nowhere...about an hour and a half of winding country road after we had already been on 101 for a few hours. it was awesome because the five of us girls were the only ones wearing swimsuits. fuck it, that's right, i'm a prude, i don't care who knows it...i helluv changed in the bathroom. whatever. so the springs themselves were ok, i was kind of expecting like natural pools of water that you hike out to but i guess those aren't really that common anymore and are often dangerous. so instead this place pumps in the spring water into these concrete tubs set at various temperatures. now the warm pool was not warm enough for was like bath temperature water but after you've been in the bath awhile and have used up all your hot water, and it was kind of weirding me out because then i felt like i was taking a bath with a bunch of strange hippies. and the hot pool was too was fucking scalding, i thought i was pretty tough when it came to hot water but the hot pool kind of blew me away. it was just too hot to relax and enjoy. also, tati claimed the chunks of minerals floating around were skin and i gagged.

oh, but besides the hot tubs there was also an awesome picnic packed by sarah full of yummy foods and champagne. there was driving full of u-turns (sorry jem!) and loud singing of big audio dynamite songs(sorry tati!). and there was winetasting and beer drinking.

earlier today: APE! yeah! it was awesome, i spent lots of money and bought lots of cool comic books.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

i'm trying to drink away the part of the day that i cannot sleep away

i've been going out drinking almost every night for the past couple weeks. i can't really complain about anything except that my body was all messed up feeling on sunday. i had to take some codeine that andy gave me. new wave city saturday night was fun but i was improperly wasted, i talked to some cool people but was unable to hold an intelligent conversation. sunday i woke up early to hit up the antique fair in alameda and vegan calzones, sin city, jasmin tea house and edinburg castle show later didn't end up getting home till after 12, tired, hungover, cranky, and dehydrated. work sucked today. i ran a gel and tried to figure out what to give the new girl to do. i decided i needed a break from going out and bailed on elon for drinks and steve for death guild. then around 11 i left the house and walked down to the hush hush to meet up with jas and sarah. and fuck them if they didn't have $2 vodka drinks. godamn...the death of me. i'm so drunk right tommorow is going to rule. x 11.