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Monday, April 25, 2005

i would go out tonight but i haven't got a stitch to wear

incidentally, that was actually my highschool yearbook quote. which is sad, it means i'm totally reverting back to highschool issues. wah, i hate all my clothes, i'm fat, i'm ugly, i'm not going out tonight, my clothes don't fit me right. what the hell? i'm an adult, i shouldn't feel this way. yet, lately i've been having some issues...i'm gonna blame it on feminine hormone stuff mostly and the fact that i've had insomnia for a week now...maybe my not sleeping at night contributes to my craziness during the day? but maybe that is a bit of a cop out. who knows? i just sometimes wish i were a guy because i already know what i think is the perfect outfit for a guy...if i were a dude my daily uniform would be fitted black pants (jeans or dickies), black button up shirt or black t-shirt, black sweatshirt or jacket and converse. if i wanted to dress up i would wear some sort of dapper suit or ben sherman ensemble. i would also rock glasses because glasses are hot on guys. but as a girl, i don't have the perfect outfit picked out yet. in highschool my perfect outfit was white top, black skirt, white ankle socks, black shoes and green army jacket or black pea coat. i college i flirted with a variety of perfect outfits, depending on what sort of phase i was in...i'll not get into those now as most of them were quite embarresing and one involved white creepers which made my feet look like giant white rats. i guess i am between outfits right now, who knows what my future perfect outfit will be? maybe i should admit that i'm an old and start rocking dowdy, ill fitting suits and pumps, or perhaps i should simplify my life and start wearing muumuus or sweats everyday. i'm open to suggestions. thanks.


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