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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

i'm trying to drink away the part of the day that i cannot sleep away

i've been going out drinking almost every night for the past couple weeks. i can't really complain about anything except that my body was all messed up feeling on sunday. i had to take some codeine that andy gave me. new wave city saturday night was fun but i was improperly wasted, i talked to some cool people but was unable to hold an intelligent conversation. sunday i woke up early to hit up the antique fair in alameda and vegan calzones, sin city, jasmin tea house and edinburg castle show later didn't end up getting home till after 12, tired, hungover, cranky, and dehydrated. work sucked today. i ran a gel and tried to figure out what to give the new girl to do. i decided i needed a break from going out and bailed on elon for drinks and steve for death guild. then around 11 i left the house and walked down to the hush hush to meet up with jas and sarah. and fuck them if they didn't have $2 vodka drinks. godamn...the death of me. i'm so drunk right tommorow is going to rule. x 11.


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