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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

no more depressing posts!

on to something refreshing! check out my friends' bands on myspace...

friday jean marie played their first ever live show at the brainwash! they were awesome! i was totally impressed. they sounded great, packed the joint and had the cutest merch available. totally ruling.

sunday fritch put on an awesome showcase of norcal homegrown talent:
(check out the beautiful flyer below)

cliff sounded especially tight with the help of his buddy miles. i'm not sure if they always play together but they harmonized real well.

i must admit that i missed part of chon's show as i was outside the room scamming fries off of joe and kana, but what i did hear was quite good.

victor sounded good too, but no link for him! instead another link to luke, another norcal talent.

too bad for you if you missed out.


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