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Friday, April 22, 2005

the storm comes...

or is it just another shower?

it's supposed to rain all weekend which is kind of a bummer because i bought this new picnic blanket at target last weekend and i really wanted to have a picnic and try it out.

yeah, so, i thought i had something interesting to write but...i guess not.

last monday i went to death guild with jaz cos she wanted to wear her new dress out.
the next day i couldn't get out of bed and ended up calling in sick tuesday and wednesday.
by thursday i was so bored i pushed through my illness, took a bunch of meds and went back to work. after work i met up with emel for margeritas and drunk shopping on burlingame ave.
friday after the wedding present at slims on friday, kana and i met up with the guys at edinburgh and stumbled upon a rocking dance party. ha ha, hipsters, you can not hide from me! i will find your dance parties and crash them always! bwahahaha.

this week was long! i guess that's what happens when you only go to work three days the week before. hung out with gem on monday, she writes about our night here (note to batty and abby: i hope you guys are cool with me linking to your blog...don't worry no one reads mine anyway) went to darksparkle on wednesday and really didn't do much else. i did do laundry at my parents' house and my mom even went and bought a burrito for me. she's the best!

tonight phil comes to town! and jean marie have their big debut at brainwash. fun! exciting! party!

also, i found this blog. it rules.


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