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Sunday, April 10, 2005

why don't we try not to break our hearts and make it so hard for ourselves?

so my grandma gave me this giant bowl of her delious leftover pasta to party with- i was helluv looking forward to eating it all week. so i get home, park my car and reach for the pasta. my hand totally slips and the entire bowl of pasta gets dumped all over the passenger seat, the floor, the door, the dashboard, everywhere! not one noodle was spared. it was quite upsetting. not only did i lose some perfectly good pasta, but my car was a fucking mess. i let out a volley of curses and flipped off the mess before i went inside to grab a washcloth. total bummer. sigh.
so that is how my weekend ended.

1 day earlier: saturday was jasmyn's b-day! we all got up early and drove up north to go to the harbin hot springs which was in the middle of butt fuck nowhere...about an hour and a half of winding country road after we had already been on 101 for a few hours. it was awesome because the five of us girls were the only ones wearing swimsuits. fuck it, that's right, i'm a prude, i don't care who knows it...i helluv changed in the bathroom. whatever. so the springs themselves were ok, i was kind of expecting like natural pools of water that you hike out to but i guess those aren't really that common anymore and are often dangerous. so instead this place pumps in the spring water into these concrete tubs set at various temperatures. now the warm pool was not warm enough for was like bath temperature water but after you've been in the bath awhile and have used up all your hot water, and it was kind of weirding me out because then i felt like i was taking a bath with a bunch of strange hippies. and the hot pool was too was fucking scalding, i thought i was pretty tough when it came to hot water but the hot pool kind of blew me away. it was just too hot to relax and enjoy. also, tati claimed the chunks of minerals floating around were skin and i gagged.

oh, but besides the hot tubs there was also an awesome picnic packed by sarah full of yummy foods and champagne. there was driving full of u-turns (sorry jem!) and loud singing of big audio dynamite songs(sorry tati!). and there was winetasting and beer drinking.

earlier today: APE! yeah! it was awesome, i spent lots of money and bought lots of cool comic books.


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