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Sunday, May 22, 2005

it's not our place to question why

i just looked at my home computer and there was this message on my yahoo messenger:

"please response. i want to show you my webcam"

so i looked at that person's profile and this is what it said:
Hobbies: Penis developing, sex, cyber sex, web cam. I have a well developed penis for those females who want to fulfill their desire.....pls contact me for details...I am an open mind male...
Latest News: I have a web cam......

the internet rules.

so i am tired and sunburned and i found a mouse in my kitchen. i had a picnic and bike ride in the park today so i was kind of sundrunk and windblown and totally flaked on going to see victor and cliff at the edinburgh. instead i decided to relax on the couch except i kept hearing these weird rustling sounds coming from the kitchen. when i went in to investigate this black blur rushed past me and jumped into the space between the burners and the stove top. i screamed like a little girl. it sucked. so i spent the evening disinfecting everything and covering the burners instead of sitting on my but all evening like i had planned.

in other news, i am an old. went to popscene thursday night with an all girl posse and it was fun but we all felt old. almost everyone there looked younger than us (not that i am the best judge of age, mind you...i think everyone looks young, including myself) and they played good music...exactly what i would have wanted to hear but it also seemed that they played the same songs they played 5 years ago with some bloc party and interpol and strokes thrown in. i don't know, it was cool, just a little weird, i guess.

friday night was fun times. steve and i ate at mokis and then got ice creams at maggie mudds. yum! i was so uncomfortably full it wasn't even funny. then we met up with tiffany and daniel and went on a nice night bike ride around the embarcadero, the piers, fisherman's wharf, ghirardelli square, pier 39 and union square. it was kind of the perfect thing to do on a warm friday night. tiffany had just bought a new hello kitty bike that brought smiles and mad props from all the tourists walking by and the areas were just empty enough for us to ride on the sidewalks and not be worried about getting hit by cars (handy since none of us casual riders had lights or helmets). i think my goal for this spring/summer is to go on as many night rides around the city as possible. i think i may even invest in a lock and some lights. hit me up if you want to come with. lazy riders fancy pants competitive bikers need apply!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

you don't have to have the solution...

wednesday night i met jas for drinks at the canvas on 9th and lincoln. we decided to meet there because it was on her way home from work and right by the N line so i wouldn't have to drive. it's funny because the place has been there for awhile and neither of us have ever thought to stop inside. i mean, it has probably been there for like ten years and every time i pass by it i expect to see an empty lot. they were having open mike night and every performer that we heard (we couldn't actually see anyone because we insisted on hiding in the other room like the antisocial weirdos that we are) was really good. i was impressed. after that place closed up we headed across the street to the shamrock where we played drinking battleship. the night ended with me finding two grapefruits and a bag of organic fruit in the street (within three blocks of each other) and juggling said fruit as well as offering to this tiki head type thing shown below.

thursday night batty and i went to see bart davenport at the hemlock. the show was really good but what was even more awesome was the crowd. or more specifically, the sweet outfits rocked by certain fans especially the most awesome posse ever...the ambiguously retro trio! i wish i had secretly taken their picture because words can not give justice to the intensity of their kits. let me try to paint the scene for you. first of all, all three were sporting flared jeans. the first guy decided to go mid 1960's hippie with glasses, peasant blouse and blonde afro, his buddy was representing maybe a later 1960's look complete with long disheveled hair and bandana headband type thing, beard and damn, i can't remember what kind of top he was wearing but it was perfect for his look. the third guy had taken a totally different route and was completely 1960's soul. they ruled.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

if it came too easy it wouldn't be worth all the time that it took

so today rob instant messages me this link. i was instantly totally bummed out. and that was just after reading the headline. i hate the phrase "rots your brain;" all i can picture is my brain literally decaying and chunks of rotten brain falling out of my skull. it sucks. i have the heebie jeebies now. did i just say "heebie jeebies?" my brain really is rotting.

speaking of brain rot, let's switch the subject to tv, shall we? tuesday night pete came over to watch the season finale of veronica mars. it was awesome, not quite as good as the episode right before where she found out who drugged and raped her but i only think i didn't enjoy this one as much because it was so rushed and crazy and there were no pauses to reflect on all the revelations. i actually had to pause the tivo so i could sit and say "holy shit" after each reveal. i'm such a dork. pete brought over burritos and we drank beer and then engaged in gratuitous mirror photography. also, he cut his hair and fuct it up. ha ha.

Monday, May 09, 2005

look for what seems out of place

and that would have been me this weekend.

on saturday i went to my cousin-in-law's baby shower in marin which was full of older, chatty women (most of whom i didn't know) and small children crawling on the floor (which was filthy). i drank two vodka tonics before noon. my aunt throwing the party gave me a disapproving look but what was i supposed to do? i was uncomfortable. my great aunt (quote from my grandma about her: "she's nuts!") was talking my ear off about some sort of nonsense-something about her and her husband arguing over whether the knee socks i had been wearing the last time i saw them were the style or whether i somehow didn't realize that you could see my knees when i sat down and the skirt came up, oh, also that i was tall and she had a picture of me that was "all legs". she repeated the phrase "all legs" like ten times. she also apparently drove my aunt sharon nuts on the car ride up and may have caused her to get pulled over on the golden gate bridge. apparently she kept telling the cop (and everyone at the party later) that he must have just seen all the women in the car and wanted to pull the pretty ladies over. also my aunt's friend kept calling me by my sister's name, which, in her defense, my sister and i look exactly alike...except that i am 27 and she is 13. oh and my 2nd cousin with the fake boobs and the bleached blonde hair is preggers.

after the shower i drove to work to finish staining the gel i was too lazy to complete on friday. it got kind f-d up, i'm not sure what happened but basically i wasted time going there saturday cos i ended up having to redo it today anyway. after work i headed over to emel's in san mateo for her boyfriend paul p's birthday bar b que. after eating some kebabs and hummous and homemade baklava and playing some darts, paul p in rare form (drunk) decides he wants to go out and party and go dancing and socializing. so we end up going to o'neils pub in downtown san mateo because it is in walking distance to their place and i'm the only one sober. the place was packed with, well, i can't describe the type of people there without being accused of being a san francisco snob so i'll just say it wasn't really my scene. also, the band sucked. but who am i to complain, my nice friends bought drinks for me and paul p was having fun so i sucked it up and tried to have a good time. even when paul p and emel left to dance to the band and paul l went outside to chat on the phone forever to his forbidden love, leaving me alone to be hit on by a creepy guy who looked like the blonde dude from the pringles commercials with a more melty face...he kept lurking around me and demanding that i look him in the eye so he could study my face in detail. at the end of the night after we closed out the bar as i was trying to pull paul p away from all his new friends who he was helpfully trying to invite to his girlfriend emel's house for the after party, creepy guy kept saying, "let's go, let's get out of here" and trying to link his arm around mine and lead me off, paul p meanwhile yelling "t, tell him where the party's at! why don't you tell him where the party's at?!"

sunday was mother's day. i bought my mom and grandma some purty flowers from trader joes that morning. i drove my grandma to my aunt and uncle's house in san jose who were hosting mother's day dinner. i got totally lost in san jose and was too proud to call for directions until my dad, who left the city after us, called me from outside their house wondering where i was. i was a total bitch to him too and when i finally got to the house my apology for yelling at him was "well, you would have gotten frustrated and taken it out on me too" he shrugged and we both laughed.

the best part of that day was racing my dad on the freeway on the way back home. except it wasn't really a race because well, i drive a honda civic and he has chrysler 300C with a5.7-liter hemiĀ® v8 engine. basically it was me being able to pass him a couple times simply because i was by myself and he had my mom and grandma in the car.

sunday night jean-marie played at edinburgh castle. i arrived breathless and two songs into thier set as i had a bitch of a time trying to get a cab. but enough about my problems...they sounded really good! i actually got to hear jem's voice this time and had a nice view of their smiling faces. and the guy who played after them, son valley, sounded great as well. i'll have to check him out again the next time he plays one of jake's shows. also, i saw jasmyn's mom for the first time in like 8 years. she totally didn't recognize me and i prolly wouldn't have recognized her either had i not heard jasmyn call her "mom" but this part is really weird, she was like "tarita! you lost so much weight." which i totally haven't. which i told her. but she was convinced that i lost a lot of weight. like maybe i was a real fatty in high school and didn't realize it or something. because, ok, i've weighed like the same amout for like ten years, i know because every time i go to the doctor they are like...oh! same amount as last time! but this is the third time in a month someone has said that i look like i've lost weight or i look skinnier than they remember. do i give off some sort of fat vibe maybe? do people associate me with heftiness or something and then when they see me and i look like a normal they are surprised or like, when people picture me in their heads they pack on like 40 or more pounds to my body or something? i don't understand. maybe people are just telling me that i look like i lost weight as some sort of incentive to start losing more weight? do you all secretly think i am a fatass or what? i can handle the truth. lay it on me!

i seem to have lost an important part of my brain

last week at work was kind of insane. i didn't really have time to do anything but work, eat, sleep and help my apartment get messier and dirtier. i also found a funny picture of my friends on the internet. actually the funny part wasn't the picture itself but the way i found it which was by reading abby and batty's blog, linking up to some other guy's blog and then reading the comments on his blog which linked to the picture of will and alexa. weird, huh? in other news there are pictures of me on sites other than this as well. this one from darksparkle, and this one too...note i did not realize i was in the shot when the picture was taken, hence the freaky eye thing going on. also, i'm just not very photogenic. oh yeah, there is also this one from drinking with phil at the fireside a couple weeks ago.

thursday i got home from work, changed out of my "only for work, too embarrassed to be seen in by anyone cool" preppy black gap pants into my "well, if i'm gonna go out of the house in pants they might as well be these" ec star black jeans, picked up batty and headed for the blue danube to hear cliff play. but before cliff and miles went on, after abby and i had a nice little dinner of sandwiches and newcastles, the first band performed. and the only thing i really have to say about them was "turn down the pubes", oh, and also that i am like ten years old. once i caught a glimpse of the hair pie staring at me i couldn't stop giggling. after abby took off i convinced batty to take her teapot and cup outside to finish because i just couldn't handle being inside any longer. then we walked to green apple where i somehow spent almost $100! in like ten minutes on cds, a dvd, some magazines, a half price zine and a used book. but the magazines came with free cds so that makes it worth it, right? also, this is why i can never quit my job and live the life of leisure i dream about. i am just too much of a goddamn capitalist consumer.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

don't wake me i plan on sleeping in

so tonight i lost one half of my most favourite pair of earrings. sad. i got into autumn's car and she accidently bumped my hand and it went flying into god knows where. we stopped outside my house, music blasting, car doors flung wide, two goofy girls searching for a small trinket...but all to no avail...i'm afraid it is gone forever, bummer.

tonight: shutter at 330 ritch. good music and fun times. autumn overslept and was an hour late picking me up...this only meant that i had downed four shots of vodka before she picked me up. two vodka sodas at the free jello shot donated to a girl (cos i'm vegan, yo, no jello for me!) i met at dark sparkle last week...she didn't remember me...why does no one remember me? i danced my little heart out...woulda stayed later but miss autumn had to teach in the morn. i only have to endure another 9-10 hour workday. funny that we are totally busy this week when for so long i have had no shit to do. work is dumb. i bought my hawaii/samoa tics last night. if work does not pick up by june i will look for a new job to start in august and just quit my current job before my vacation.

Monday, May 02, 2005

the muscle and bone...they encase my heart...

sunday was a beautiful day...jas and i went out for lunch then took a nice bike ride from my house through the park to the ocean and back through the park. then we ran into susannah and then rode to haight and fillmore to meet up with alexa and friends. bought beer, rode to the park, drank beer then i realized i had to go to family dinner. rode to grandma's house, arrived totally sweaty and kind of drunk...finally told family that i broke up with boyfriend a month ago. sky didn't fall down. whew. ate dinner went home end of weekend.

saturday i picked up tati from work and we went to see the court and spark at both. show was really good but we got there early and i was a wee bit trashed. i even texted my friend because i was convinced i saw her boyfriend there. but no, upon closer inspection, that boy was shorter and a lot younger than her bf. sorry annie!

saturday day i got my hair cut. then i saw a cute boy at the fillmore and haight bus stop. did i talk to him? if you know me you know the answer to that. fuck no!

friday night was new order in oakland. it ruled. it was fucking awesome. nothing else i can say would give it justice. they played some joy division songs and some old NO hits. heart. love. new order f-ing rules! then we drove home and attempted to go to the art show going on at club six but were succesfully talked out of it. off to a bar for un drink, love and haight sandwich shop for me dinner, and a house party for socializing and then to bed for me.