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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

don't wake me i plan on sleeping in

so tonight i lost one half of my most favourite pair of earrings. sad. i got into autumn's car and she accidently bumped my hand and it went flying into god knows where. we stopped outside my house, music blasting, car doors flung wide, two goofy girls searching for a small trinket...but all to no avail...i'm afraid it is gone forever, bummer.

tonight: shutter at 330 ritch. good music and fun times. autumn overslept and was an hour late picking me up...this only meant that i had downed four shots of vodka before she picked me up. two vodka sodas at the free jello shot donated to a girl (cos i'm vegan, yo, no jello for me!) i met at dark sparkle last week...she didn't remember me...why does no one remember me? i danced my little heart out...woulda stayed later but miss autumn had to teach in the morn. i only have to endure another 9-10 hour workday. funny that we are totally busy this week when for so long i have had no shit to do. work is dumb. i bought my hawaii/samoa tics last night. if work does not pick up by june i will look for a new job to start in august and just quit my current job before my vacation.


Blogger Batty Apple Abdul said...

I remember you! You and Tania have the same complex where you think that no one remembers you. I think that's plain silly! People who don't remember people are either drunk or too self-absorbed to be bothered. Don't fret!

4:34 PM


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