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Monday, May 09, 2005

i seem to have lost an important part of my brain

last week at work was kind of insane. i didn't really have time to do anything but work, eat, sleep and help my apartment get messier and dirtier. i also found a funny picture of my friends on the internet. actually the funny part wasn't the picture itself but the way i found it which was by reading abby and batty's blog, linking up to some other guy's blog and then reading the comments on his blog which linked to the picture of will and alexa. weird, huh? in other news there are pictures of me on sites other than this as well. this one from darksparkle, and this one too...note i did not realize i was in the shot when the picture was taken, hence the freaky eye thing going on. also, i'm just not very photogenic. oh yeah, there is also this one from drinking with phil at the fireside a couple weeks ago.

thursday i got home from work, changed out of my "only for work, too embarrassed to be seen in by anyone cool" preppy black gap pants into my "well, if i'm gonna go out of the house in pants they might as well be these" ec star black jeans, picked up batty and headed for the blue danube to hear cliff play. but before cliff and miles went on, after abby and i had a nice little dinner of sandwiches and newcastles, the first band performed. and the only thing i really have to say about them was "turn down the pubes", oh, and also that i am like ten years old. once i caught a glimpse of the hair pie staring at me i couldn't stop giggling. after abby took off i convinced batty to take her teapot and cup outside to finish because i just couldn't handle being inside any longer. then we walked to green apple where i somehow spent almost $100! in like ten minutes on cds, a dvd, some magazines, a half price zine and a used book. but the magazines came with free cds so that makes it worth it, right? also, this is why i can never quit my job and live the life of leisure i dream about. i am just too much of a goddamn capitalist consumer.


Blogger Batty Apple Abdul said...

Tari, as I was looking at those pictures, I was thinking, "Wow, Tarita is really photogenic!" Really! Don't get down on yourself! I think you are a gorgeous gal!!

12:27 AM


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