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Sunday, May 22, 2005

it's not our place to question why

i just looked at my home computer and there was this message on my yahoo messenger:

"please response. i want to show you my webcam"

so i looked at that person's profile and this is what it said:
Hobbies: Penis developing, sex, cyber sex, web cam. I have a well developed penis for those females who want to fulfill their desire.....pls contact me for details...I am an open mind male...
Latest News: I have a web cam......

the internet rules.

so i am tired and sunburned and i found a mouse in my kitchen. i had a picnic and bike ride in the park today so i was kind of sundrunk and windblown and totally flaked on going to see victor and cliff at the edinburgh. instead i decided to relax on the couch except i kept hearing these weird rustling sounds coming from the kitchen. when i went in to investigate this black blur rushed past me and jumped into the space between the burners and the stove top. i screamed like a little girl. it sucked. so i spent the evening disinfecting everything and covering the burners instead of sitting on my but all evening like i had planned.

in other news, i am an old. went to popscene thursday night with an all girl posse and it was fun but we all felt old. almost everyone there looked younger than us (not that i am the best judge of age, mind you...i think everyone looks young, including myself) and they played good music...exactly what i would have wanted to hear but it also seemed that they played the same songs they played 5 years ago with some bloc party and interpol and strokes thrown in. i don't know, it was cool, just a little weird, i guess.

friday night was fun times. steve and i ate at mokis and then got ice creams at maggie mudds. yum! i was so uncomfortably full it wasn't even funny. then we met up with tiffany and daniel and went on a nice night bike ride around the embarcadero, the piers, fisherman's wharf, ghirardelli square, pier 39 and union square. it was kind of the perfect thing to do on a warm friday night. tiffany had just bought a new hello kitty bike that brought smiles and mad props from all the tourists walking by and the areas were just empty enough for us to ride on the sidewalks and not be worried about getting hit by cars (handy since none of us casual riders had lights or helmets). i think my goal for this spring/summer is to go on as many night rides around the city as possible. i think i may even invest in a lock and some lights. hit me up if you want to come with. lazy riders fancy pants competitive bikers need apply!


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