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Monday, May 09, 2005

look for what seems out of place

and that would have been me this weekend.

on saturday i went to my cousin-in-law's baby shower in marin which was full of older, chatty women (most of whom i didn't know) and small children crawling on the floor (which was filthy). i drank two vodka tonics before noon. my aunt throwing the party gave me a disapproving look but what was i supposed to do? i was uncomfortable. my great aunt (quote from my grandma about her: "she's nuts!") was talking my ear off about some sort of nonsense-something about her and her husband arguing over whether the knee socks i had been wearing the last time i saw them were the style or whether i somehow didn't realize that you could see my knees when i sat down and the skirt came up, oh, also that i was tall and she had a picture of me that was "all legs". she repeated the phrase "all legs" like ten times. she also apparently drove my aunt sharon nuts on the car ride up and may have caused her to get pulled over on the golden gate bridge. apparently she kept telling the cop (and everyone at the party later) that he must have just seen all the women in the car and wanted to pull the pretty ladies over. also my aunt's friend kept calling me by my sister's name, which, in her defense, my sister and i look exactly alike...except that i am 27 and she is 13. oh and my 2nd cousin with the fake boobs and the bleached blonde hair is preggers.

after the shower i drove to work to finish staining the gel i was too lazy to complete on friday. it got kind f-d up, i'm not sure what happened but basically i wasted time going there saturday cos i ended up having to redo it today anyway. after work i headed over to emel's in san mateo for her boyfriend paul p's birthday bar b que. after eating some kebabs and hummous and homemade baklava and playing some darts, paul p in rare form (drunk) decides he wants to go out and party and go dancing and socializing. so we end up going to o'neils pub in downtown san mateo because it is in walking distance to their place and i'm the only one sober. the place was packed with, well, i can't describe the type of people there without being accused of being a san francisco snob so i'll just say it wasn't really my scene. also, the band sucked. but who am i to complain, my nice friends bought drinks for me and paul p was having fun so i sucked it up and tried to have a good time. even when paul p and emel left to dance to the band and paul l went outside to chat on the phone forever to his forbidden love, leaving me alone to be hit on by a creepy guy who looked like the blonde dude from the pringles commercials with a more melty face...he kept lurking around me and demanding that i look him in the eye so he could study my face in detail. at the end of the night after we closed out the bar as i was trying to pull paul p away from all his new friends who he was helpfully trying to invite to his girlfriend emel's house for the after party, creepy guy kept saying, "let's go, let's get out of here" and trying to link his arm around mine and lead me off, paul p meanwhile yelling "t, tell him where the party's at! why don't you tell him where the party's at?!"

sunday was mother's day. i bought my mom and grandma some purty flowers from trader joes that morning. i drove my grandma to my aunt and uncle's house in san jose who were hosting mother's day dinner. i got totally lost in san jose and was too proud to call for directions until my dad, who left the city after us, called me from outside their house wondering where i was. i was a total bitch to him too and when i finally got to the house my apology for yelling at him was "well, you would have gotten frustrated and taken it out on me too" he shrugged and we both laughed.

the best part of that day was racing my dad on the freeway on the way back home. except it wasn't really a race because well, i drive a honda civic and he has chrysler 300C with a5.7-liter hemiĀ® v8 engine. basically it was me being able to pass him a couple times simply because i was by myself and he had my mom and grandma in the car.

sunday night jean-marie played at edinburgh castle. i arrived breathless and two songs into thier set as i had a bitch of a time trying to get a cab. but enough about my problems...they sounded really good! i actually got to hear jem's voice this time and had a nice view of their smiling faces. and the guy who played after them, son valley, sounded great as well. i'll have to check him out again the next time he plays one of jake's shows. also, i saw jasmyn's mom for the first time in like 8 years. she totally didn't recognize me and i prolly wouldn't have recognized her either had i not heard jasmyn call her "mom" but this part is really weird, she was like "tarita! you lost so much weight." which i totally haven't. which i told her. but she was convinced that i lost a lot of weight. like maybe i was a real fatty in high school and didn't realize it or something. because, ok, i've weighed like the same amout for like ten years, i know because every time i go to the doctor they are like...oh! same amount as last time! but this is the third time in a month someone has said that i look like i've lost weight or i look skinnier than they remember. do i give off some sort of fat vibe maybe? do people associate me with heftiness or something and then when they see me and i look like a normal they are surprised or like, when people picture me in their heads they pack on like 40 or more pounds to my body or something? i don't understand. maybe people are just telling me that i look like i lost weight as some sort of incentive to start losing more weight? do you all secretly think i am a fatass or what? i can handle the truth. lay it on me!


Blogger Batty Apple Abdul said...

HEy! THanks for coming to our show!! Also, you are NOT a fatass. From being an amateur fitness expert, I know for a fact that one can slim down without losing actual weight. This comes from gaining muscle and losing fat. This is a possibility.

Also, an Asian mom telling you that you look like you've lost weight is a great compliment. Don't read into it. If they don't say anything at all, it means you look beat.

12:31 AM


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