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Monday, May 02, 2005

the muscle and bone...they encase my heart...

sunday was a beautiful day...jas and i went out for lunch then took a nice bike ride from my house through the park to the ocean and back through the park. then we ran into susannah and then rode to haight and fillmore to meet up with alexa and friends. bought beer, rode to the park, drank beer then i realized i had to go to family dinner. rode to grandma's house, arrived totally sweaty and kind of drunk...finally told family that i broke up with boyfriend a month ago. sky didn't fall down. whew. ate dinner went home end of weekend.

saturday i picked up tati from work and we went to see the court and spark at both. show was really good but we got there early and i was a wee bit trashed. i even texted my friend because i was convinced i saw her boyfriend there. but no, upon closer inspection, that boy was shorter and a lot younger than her bf. sorry annie!

saturday day i got my hair cut. then i saw a cute boy at the fillmore and haight bus stop. did i talk to him? if you know me you know the answer to that. fuck no!

friday night was new order in oakland. it ruled. it was fucking awesome. nothing else i can say would give it justice. they played some joy division songs and some old NO hits. heart. love. new order f-ing rules! then we drove home and attempted to go to the art show going on at club six but were succesfully talked out of it. off to a bar for un drink, love and haight sandwich shop for me dinner, and a house party for socializing and then to bed for me.


Blogger Batty Apple Abdul said...

This is a good title. Is it yours or someone else's? Cuz, like, I want to steal it!

4:31 PM

Blogger tari said...

most of my titles are song lyrics...this one is from the anniversary's "the heart is a lonely hunter" the line actually is "the muscle and bone, they encase my heart but never touch my soul." it is a really pretty song often stuck in my head. you guys should cover it.

4:58 PM


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