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Saturday, May 14, 2005

you don't have to have the solution...

wednesday night i met jas for drinks at the canvas on 9th and lincoln. we decided to meet there because it was on her way home from work and right by the N line so i wouldn't have to drive. it's funny because the place has been there for awhile and neither of us have ever thought to stop inside. i mean, it has probably been there for like ten years and every time i pass by it i expect to see an empty lot. they were having open mike night and every performer that we heard (we couldn't actually see anyone because we insisted on hiding in the other room like the antisocial weirdos that we are) was really good. i was impressed. after that place closed up we headed across the street to the shamrock where we played drinking battleship. the night ended with me finding two grapefruits and a bag of organic fruit in the street (within three blocks of each other) and juggling said fruit as well as offering to this tiki head type thing shown below.

thursday night batty and i went to see bart davenport at the hemlock. the show was really good but what was even more awesome was the crowd. or more specifically, the sweet outfits rocked by certain fans especially the most awesome posse ever...the ambiguously retro trio! i wish i had secretly taken their picture because words can not give justice to the intensity of their kits. let me try to paint the scene for you. first of all, all three were sporting flared jeans. the first guy decided to go mid 1960's hippie with glasses, peasant blouse and blonde afro, his buddy was representing maybe a later 1960's look complete with long disheveled hair and bandana headband type thing, beard and damn, i can't remember what kind of top he was wearing but it was perfect for his look. the third guy had taken a totally different route and was completely 1960's soul. they ruled.


Blogger Batty Apple Abdul said...

My MIND (gesture to brain) or my HEART (place hand on chest).


12:39 AM

Blogger tari said...

haha...i opened my email...saw this comment and started laughing out coworker, excuse me, colleague had to ask me what was going on.

8:25 AM


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