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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

i'm behind on my posts and i'm on vacation

considering i just now spell checked and published my june14 post and the keyboard here has a sticky space bar (meaning i constantly have to go back and insert spaces where they didn't register the first time) you'll have to bear with me here, it may take me awhile to catch up with my posts. here is a teaser:

june 15-16: pretended to work, daydreamed about vacation...went out drinking w/ colleagues...did not sleep at all

june 17-19: vegas! drank, gambled (won $200 on lucky number 13 at roulette while dressed like a rockabilly...coincidence, i think not!), took pictures w/ pirates, shopped, ate, gambled some more...did not sleep at all

june19: 5.5 hours of flying and fitfully sleeping. called my dad from honolulu airport to wish him a happy father's day. met up with pete and bought him a mai tai per my dad's request. 5 more hours of flying. arrive in samoa to rain, happy to see my family. sleep for like 10 hours straight.

june 20: have a lavish breakfast of bread and papaya, cocoa rice and samoan pancakes. walk around the village w/ sister and cousin lu'ai...they show us various places to swim...a small local beach...cute but rocky, and these scary swimming holes that look like you can die in. go out to dinner at the nice hotel in town w/ my uncle john and auntie salu...stuff my fat face

june 21: sleep in again :) my mom comes home in the afternoon and gives us a tour of the island. get some swimming in at the beach below tisa's. another dinner w/ uncle tony and auntie salu...more face stuffing ensues, watch a floor show...we are so close to the fire dancers it feels like i am choking on the gasoline used to light their sticks.

today is the first day i wake up before 8...maybe tomorrow i will download some pics and write more details.

pete is a better writer than me and he is here too...check out his blog!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

be responsible, respectable, stable but gullible, concerned and caring, help the helpless, but always remain ultimately selfish

this is how responsible i am:

so p and l's boss quits last week and we are now down to five people (3 of us worker bees, 1 worker temp and my boss) and i know that boss' wife is expecting a baby like late this month, early next month so i'm like shit, i hope they know i am helluv going to be on vacation for awhile.

so i send out an email to my boss last week:
"i'm going on vacation from june 17-july 4th. hope that's cool. thanks!"

like, wonderful tari, way to be a team player.

group meeting yesterday:

our director: t, how long are you gone for?
me(small voice): um, until july 4th
director (frowning): that's a long time, t
me (smaller voice, guilty smile): yes
director (twisting mustache between fingers): launches into a speech about teamwork and only taking a week vacation if possible blah blah blah like i was listening

later on in the meeting:
director: t, i didn't mean to pick on you, it's just that we might be getting really busy here
me (shrug): yeah, its ok, its just, when i made my reservations i didn't really think we would still be employed here by now...
(thinking to myself: also, i just don't care anymore. i just don't. and i can't make myself either. sorry. the only thing i care about is making sure pavan and lu are not helluv overwhelmed because of my selfishness. but what are the chances of that happening?)

get the balance right...

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

beat on the brat with a baseball bat