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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

be responsible, respectable, stable but gullible, concerned and caring, help the helpless, but always remain ultimately selfish

this is how responsible i am:

so p and l's boss quits last week and we are now down to five people (3 of us worker bees, 1 worker temp and my boss) and i know that boss' wife is expecting a baby like late this month, early next month so i'm like shit, i hope they know i am helluv going to be on vacation for awhile.

so i send out an email to my boss last week:
"i'm going on vacation from june 17-july 4th. hope that's cool. thanks!"

like, wonderful tari, way to be a team player.

group meeting yesterday:

our director: t, how long are you gone for?
me(small voice): um, until july 4th
director (frowning): that's a long time, t
me (smaller voice, guilty smile): yes
director (twisting mustache between fingers): launches into a speech about teamwork and only taking a week vacation if possible blah blah blah like i was listening

later on in the meeting:
director: t, i didn't mean to pick on you, it's just that we might be getting really busy here
me (shrug): yeah, its ok, its just, when i made my reservations i didn't really think we would still be employed here by now...
(thinking to myself: also, i just don't care anymore. i just don't. and i can't make myself either. sorry. the only thing i care about is making sure pavan and lu are not helluv overwhelmed because of my selfishness. but what are the chances of that happening?)

get the balance right...


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