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Thursday, July 28, 2005

vacation pictures at long last!

so its too late now for me to backblog everything that happened on my vacation so i'll just cheat and link to where pete posted all his favorite pics:

go samoa!

(pages 1 and 2) june 19-21: we stayed at my grandma's house in leone, tutuila, american samoa

(pages 3-6) june 22-29: we went to independant samoa and stayed at aggie grey's whilst in apia, upolu and vacation beach fales in savaii.

(page 7) june 29-30: our last nights in samoa. :( my relatives threw a big going away party for us. my dad made coco locos. they were nasty. i totally just did a google search for recipies to link to and realize now that he made them all wrong which is probably why they were nasty. we didn't pour out all the coconut water, but instead removed about half and simply added pineapple juice and rum. they were gross but that somehow didn't stop my mom and dad from drinking them.

july1-4: go hawaii!

i must give credit where credit is due. i took a few pictures myself but pete's are better because his camera is nicer than mine and he is a better photographer. if you like his work and have work for him check him out here! thanks!

until next time...

Saturday, July 16, 2005

learn it, know it, live it


n. Good-humored, playful conversation.

v. ban·tered, ban·ter·ing, ban·ters
v. tr. To speak to in a playful or teasing way.

v. intr. To exchange mildly teasing remarks.

Friday, July 15, 2005

love as it touches perfection, a balance of truth and correction

so you know like when you haven't talked to your best friend who lives in another state in awhile and you like really want to call her but you feel like you need to devote all this time to the call, you need to make it worthy and special and so you can't just pick up the phone for a quick "hello" so you keep putting it off and the longer you put it off, the more stuff you need to tell her so the more time you need to devote to it so you stress out that you can't just send her a quick email...she deserves better than that. but then a year goes by and you realize you are the worst friend ever? or when you are too lazy to clean your apartment when you get back from vacation and you figure that you'll do it this weekend but then you end up partying all weekend and your apartment just gets messier and messier and its too overwhelming for you to deal with and you think you seriously need to take a day off work to do it when really you should have picked up a little as you went along but now your place looks like your suitcases exploded in your living room and your closets barfed in your bedroom? you know?

well that's kind of what's happened with this blog. oh, and also my friends that don't live in san francisco and also my apartment. :(

i gotta get back to work. pictures later.